Video: Spanish Christmas ad goes VIRAL

Christmas and the holidays are the favourite moment of the different brands to launch advertising campaigns with messages that go beyond the sale of the product.

Now Ruavieja, a liquor brand in Spain, launched a campaign whose fundamental theme revolves around time and, specifically, at the time we dedicate to the people we love.

The publicity entitled “We have to see more”, consists of an emotional video in which he joins several friends who had not seen each other for a while. After talking about how they met and explain what one means to the other, a psychologist reveals the little time left to be seen based on the frequency with which they are currently seen and data extracted from the National Institute of Statistics.

The psychologist Rafael Santandreu explains why, in general, we do not give priority to our loved ones when it comes to distributing our time: “This has to do with the way in which our brain works. We are programmed to avoid thinking about the time we have left to live, so we have the feeling that we will always have the opportunity to do the things that make us happy. ”

The campaign emphasizes the time we currently dedicate to social networks, series and jobs.

During the announcement appear statistics according to which “in the next 40 years we will spend 520 days watching series, 6 years watching television, 8 years on the Internet, 10 years watching screens”.

As part of the campaign Ruavieja offers on its website a calculator to know how much time you will enjoy with your friends and your family.

The agency said it is not an anti-technology campaign. Juan García-Escudero, creative general director of Leo Burnett, the agency in charge of the campaign explained to Verne that the intention was to warn of the risk that technology “replace physical contact and that we settle for sending a message”.

That is, “comfort goes to the detriment of the hours we spend with people”.

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