Alcoy repairs María Cristina’s bridge

Alcoy City Council has begun to repair the parapets of the Maria Cristina Bridge and will then continue with repairs to Petxina and San Roque.

The Councilor for Works and Services, Jordi Martínez, recalled that the bridges of the city “have been forgotten for decades” and that after carrying out emergency repairs in the San Jorge and the Viaduct and on the pontoon of San Jaime, now they have begun to solve the poor state of the parapets along María Cristina’s pedestrian walkway.

The works will last approximately a month and have started on the sidewalk that connects to Cervantes Park and will only occupy the bus lane. At the end of November, according to Martínez, the work will continue on the other side of the bridge. Also, on November 26 will begin on the Petxina Bridge, following the same steps. The repairs to the San Roque Bridge will still have to wait a while.

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