Top tips to keep cats and dogs warm this winter

As the days get shorter and we begin to slip into those cold winter nights it is important to know how to keep our pets safe, happy and warm when the temperature starts to plummet.

When asked about how to keep our pets warm over winter PDSA vet, Olivia Anderson-Nathan, said: “Despite their fur coats, our pets can still feel the cold and, unlike humans, animals are unable to tell us how they are feeling. That’s why it’s important to make sure you take steps to keep them warm during winter weather.”

To help responsible pet owners look after their four-legged friends this winter Olivia has written up a list of her top tips.

  1. Make sure your cats and dogs have access to warm sheltered areas inside and outdoors.
  2. Young, old or sick pets should not be out in very cold weather for long as they can be more vulnerable and lose heat quickly.
  3. Don’t leave pets in cars, caravans or unheated conservatories as temperatures can quickly plummet, which can cause hypothermia.
  4. Take your dog on regular short walks, and be sure to towel-dry them if they get wet to prevent them getting a chill.
  5. If your cat can’t come in and out of the house freely on their own, then try to keep them indoors on snowy, wintery nights. If you have to shut them in overnight, make sure you give them plenty to play with to keep them occupied.
  6. It’s important to keep your pet’s paws free from road grit and salt rinsing or wiping their paws after walks. Remember to dry them off after rinsing.
  7. Wear a high-visibility jacket yourself when out on wintery walks to keep both you and your pet safe. High-visibility collars or harnesses are recommended to make sure your pooch can be seen on dark nights. This is especially important when walking near roads.
  8. If you spot your pet shivering, bring them into the warmth straight away and call your vet. Without proper treatment, hypothermia can be fatal.

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