No Visa for British holidaymakers coming to Spain after Brexit

The news coming out of Brussels is that British citizens will not need a visa to travel to European Union countries following Brexit.

People holding British passports will be able to travel to EU counties and stay for up to three months regardless of whether a Brexit deal is agreed or not.

Eurocrats declared: “The European Commission has today proposed to grant UK citizens visa-free travel to the EU after the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Having said that, British citizens who wish to work in the EU may be required to obtain a work permit first.

The new rulings will either come into effect immediately after a hard Brexit or alternatively, be applied after the transitional exit-period concludes in December 2020 if a deal should be agreed.

The Eurocrats warned that this deal is based on equal travel rights to the UK for European citizens and will be withdrawn should Britain impose travel restrictions.

A spokesperson for the UK government said in response to the offer: “We welcome the proposal by the European Commission which reflects the future relationship that the UK wants with the rest of the EU.

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