Alcoy to preserve the traditional roofs of the buildings in Font Roja

After some final changes to the bidding process, Alcoy City Council has decided to keep the traditional Arabic roof tiles on the buildings in Font Roja.

The City Council of Alcoy has agreed to modify the restoration project, which envisaged using a copper plate for the roof. The change has delayed the bidding of the work. According to the City Council, the announcement of the winning bid is imminent.

The changes to the original project were proposed by the Protection Council of the Font Roja Natural Park. Its conservative director, Salvador Palop, explained that the use of tiles will preserve the traditional aesthetics of the villas, designed in 1921 by the architect Vicente Pascual, one of the fathers of modernism in Alcoy.

Of the 14 chalets built in the 1920s only three need to be rehabilitated. The order has already arrived at the Contracting Department, which will finally tender the works. They will go to the tender for 321,000 euros, as detailed by a source of the City.

The duration of the rehabilitation is about 9 months. The work will consist of the demolition of the chalets located at the ends of the esplanade and the recovery of the three buildings, one of which has two floors. In principle, as announced by the Government in 2016, one of the buildings will be used by the Archconfraternity of the Virgen de los Lirios. The others will offer a space to host exhibitions linked to the Font Roja Natural Park.

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