How to get from Alcoy to Alicante Airport by Bus

Travelling to Alicante Airport using public transportation is much easier than you would think. Buses leave from Alcoy starting at 6:45 in the morning and 7:30 on Saturday and 9:00 Sunday. Some of the buses only make a couple of stops while others stop at Ibi, Onil, Castella and San Vincent del Raspeig before arriving in Alicante.

The bus fare from Alcoy to Alicante is 7.90€, which isn’t bad if you figure out how much it would cost you to drive there.

I happened to catch the 7.30 am bus on Saturday morning, which stopped to let off and pick up passengers at all the above-mentioned towns and cities, I loosely use the word city’s because San Vincent del Raspeig has blank 55,000 inhabitants which makes it bigger than a town.

Once the bus arrives in Alicante it makes a stop at the train station which is great if you are catching a train to another part of Spain or just fancy doing some shopping at the Corte Ingles, over the road. After the railway station, the bus carries on to its final stop at the Alicante bus station.

The total journey took one hour and forty-five minutes, that’s 9.15am for all of you who didn’t want to do the math. After getting off the bus you have to walk to the front of the bus station where you will see a bus stop on the main road. From there you want to catch the designated bus to the airport. It’s easy to spot as it has Aeropuerto written on the front. This bus runs on a loop between the airport and the centre of Alicante every 20 minutes and costs 3.85€ for a one-way ticket.

I only had to wait five minutes before the bus arrived, which despite driving around the city got me to the airport before 10.00am. The bus stop at the airport is directly outside the departures area to the left of Costa Coffee.

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