Spanish PM call Brexit a ‘Historic Error’

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez says Spain should learn from Britain’s mistakes and that Brexit is a ‘historical error’ that will make British people poorer.

Brexit is a “historic error” that will “diminish the influence and prosperity of the British people”, said Sánchez.

While speaking to the Spanish parliament Pedro Sánchez said that Spain must prepare for Britain’s departure from the European Union.

The centre-left politician spoke openly about his views on Brexit as he updated Spanish MPs on the situation following last week’s Brussels summit.

“Unfortunately, it was not possible to reject the request of the UK to withdraw from the EU,” Mr Sánchez said, telling the MPs that he believes “Brexit is a tragedy for the British and for the Europeans”.

He added: “There are more things that unite us than those that separate us, let’s give priority to the union of Europe and Spain.”

He went on to suggest that Spain could learn from the unfolding disaster in the UK, stating: “Let’s take note of foreign mistakes, let’s learn from the historic error which Brexit represents for the United Kingdom and think about the prosperity of our citizens.”

However, he compared the British approach to Brexit with that of other European countries, stating: “The British spend 24 hours a day thinking about Brexit and the Europeans think about it for four minutes every trimester.”

The Spanish PM said planning for a no-deal Brexit had to cover areas including tourism, the fishing industry,  the rights of Spanish people who live in the UK, British people who live Spain and that the event “has a direct impact on each and every corner” of the nation.

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