Fears of no-deal Brexit has Spain worried

Spain’s minister for tourism Reyes Maroto has met with leading UK tour operators to draw up contingency plans should there be a hard Brexit.

Millions of British tourists visit Spain each year and the fear is that a no-deal Brexit could have an effect on business.

“British tourists need to know that Spain next year will still be an attractive destination,” said Ms Maroto, minister for trade, industry and tourism.

“We are outlining a list of measures, the most important of which are to have laws and regulations in place that will allow us to respond quickly to any problems that can come up with the movement of goods and people at the border.”

Tourism accounts for about 11% of Spain’s 1€ trillion (870€ bn) economy and the sector is the country’s biggest employer.

Ms Maroto said: “For our government, Brexit is a top priority and the commitment we have to Spanish companies and Spanish nationals in the UK, as well as with Britons in Spain, is to ensure that we will have a solution for any problems that might crop [up].

“We want to be optimistic, but we are at a point at which we all have to keep up the pressure on the negotiators to resolve the few issues that are still pending.”


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