What a No-Deal Brexit really means

With increasing talk of a no-deal Brexit but what would it mean for ordinary people. The first thing would be transport chaos. A no-deal Brexit means that the UK would only have the World Trade Organization rules to fall back on but the World Organization rules do not include aviation the direct consequence of this is that planes would be unable to fly from the UK to the EU and vice versa creating chaos in airports.

Another consequence of moving to WTO rules is that there would be customs checks where there had not been customs checks before. This is very likely to lead to huge tailbacks on motorways leading to channel ports. A knock-on impact of a disruption to transport is food supplies with the UK importing 30% of its food from the EU making it conceivable that UK supermarkets could see shortages on their shelves and particularly so should people start hoarding food products in anticipation of a no Brexit deal.

Another sector that could get into trouble is the NHS due to the UK importing an estimated 37 million packets of medicine every month from the EU and this includes radioactive isotopes for use in the treatment of cancer.

Any disruption to the supply could have very serious consequences to people who rely on the NHS for treatment.

There are around 3 million EU nationals who live in the UK, a no-deal Brexit would instantly plunge them into a hell of insecurity, what would be their right to schooling, healthcare to residence who knows? Incidentally, the 1 million Brits who live in the EU would also be instantly be plunged into a chasm of insecurity.

As for financial markets, all studies point to a negative effect from a no-deal Brexit on the UK economy, with some showing as much as 10% of GDP wiped off the books. Some analysts think that the pound sterling could suffer as big a fall as it did following the 2016 Brexit vote, which means it could go down to $1.10 against the US Dollar and maybe even parity against the Euro.

So what does all this mean? Well, it means that those arguing that a no deal Brexit is NO BIG DEAL are misleading you BIG TIME!!!

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