Alcoy to use 100% electric vehicles for street cleaning

The mayor of Alcoy, Antoni Francés, and the Councilor for Works, Jordi Martínez, presented the new 100% electric vehicles for the street cleaning of the city.

With these new electric vehicles, the city of Alcoy is looking to improve its image when it comes to street cleaning and the removal of waste.

Councillor for Works, Jordi Martínez presented the new fleet of 100% electric vehicles in front of the town hall Monday morning saying: “There are three vehicles that are for the service itself, for the inspections and the people who need to move – charged, foremen, three electric tricycles, for accessible areas for this type of transport, others prepared to perform the service in areas further away from the centre and for night reinforcement, and two electric sweepers, one that has been in operation for a month. For his part, mayor, Antoni Francés, wanted to highlight the commitment of his government team for “electric mobility and sustainability”: “Of the 18 vehicles, 16 are already underway, we are still waiting for the other two – one of them, a truck which will be incorporated in the next few months, since they are made to measure “.

Alcoy is one of the first cities in Spain committed to using 100% electric vehicles for municipal business and waste collection.

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