Roadwork’s on Carrer Sant Jaume to be completed by Christmas

The repaving works on Carrer Sant Jaume have begun. Currently, it is a very narrow street with tiny sidewalks that range in width from 0.85 to 1.6 metres depending on the area.

The new works on the road leading from just after the Sant Jordi Bridge to the Post Office will see the elimination of parking on the street and a widening of the sidewalks.

The materials being used will also be different, with the current marble pavers being replaced by rough granite making them less slippery. The road too will see a makeover with asphalt replacing the current reinforced concrete.

The work is being carried out by Construcciones y Excavaciones Miguel Martínez for 82,224’88 euros and was one of the most voted proposals of the 2017 budget and it is expected to be completed before Christmas.

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