Cooking demonstrations during the Fira de Tot Sants in Cocentaina

This year the Fira de Tot Sants in Cocentaina will incorporate cooking demonstrations from some of the region’s top chefs.

Between the 1st and 4th of November, 18 different cooking demonstrations will take place during the morning and afternoon in the area of the fair traditionally set aside for food vendors.

And it is not only local delicacies that take centre stage but also international dishes from Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil.

Among the participants, you will find renowned chefs such as Natxo Sellés, Jose Montejano, Jose Paco Albadalejo, and Torroners ‘Pepe and Mercedes’.

The four day fair attracts over half a million visitors to the town of Cocentaina where it is claimed you can buy anything from a frying pan to a tractor. For more information about the Fira de Tot Sants click on the link.

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