Spain talks about legalizing cannabis

According to Podemos political party leader Pablo Iglesias, Spain needs to look at the possibility of legalizing the use of cannabis.

“It is absurd that you can buy tequila or gin from a supermarket, but marihuana is illegal,” said Pablo Iglesias, who has led Spain’s anti-austerity party since its inception.

Just last week Podemos launched a forum to look at how Spain could follow nine American states and Canada’s lead in decriminalizing the cultivation, sale and consumption of the plan.

Currently, the cultivation and sale of cannabis is illegal as is its consumption except in private spaces where the authorities turn a blind eye.

Podemos has said that legalising the drug would replace the black market, reduce crime and control the age of people buying it while at the same time creating revenue for the state.

When asked what he thought of the idea while recently visiting Canada, Spain’s Prime minister Pedro Sánchez tried to dodge the issue by saying he had other problems to focus on.

Canada had earlier in the week partially legalised cannabis allowing people to legally possess up to 30 grams of the drug.

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