Moroccan Navy opens fire on boat transporting Migrants

The Moroccan Navy has opened fire on a boat carrying migrants from the North African coast, wounding one of them, according to a military source on Wednesday.

Despite having fired warning shots, “the motorboat that was carrying 58 migrants hidden under tarpaulin made a hostile move which forced the coastguard to fire at the captain,” said the source in Rabat.

One of the migrants suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder in the overnight clash off the town of Larache, on Morocco’s Atlantic coast leading to speculation that the boat was headed to the Spanish mainland west of Gibraltar.

The wounded transient– a 16-year-old according to media reports — was transferred to a hospital in Tangier, the military source told AFP.

Others aboard the boat, including men and women of various ages, were brought back to Morocco and handed over to the security forces, the source said.

On September 25th, a Moroccan naval patrol boat opened fire on a “go-fast” speedboat ferrying migrants to Spain, killing a 22-year-old and wounding three other people.

The authorities said that shooting was also in response to the boat’s “hostile manoeuvres.

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