Gang Arrested following MASSIVE Alcoy robbery

National Police have arrested a criminal gang in Alcoy charging them with the robbery of close to one million euros from an elderly resident’s home.

The robbery occurred on May 24th when a 97-year-old Alcoy woman and her carer were not home. The gang used a thermal lance to break into the woman’s safe where they found sapphires, rubies and emeralds, a box with six kilos in gold bars and a large amount of cash.

The entire stash was the woman’s life savings believed to be worth around one million euros.

After having reported the crime to the police an investigation was launched resulting in the arrest of three men and three women aged between 27 and 57, nationals of Ecuador, Colombia and Spain.

The Specialized Crime Unit has detained the members of the organization in the towns of Torre Pacheco, Fuente Álamo and Alcoy. The Police were able to recover large amount of jewellery, more than 6,000 euros and 2,100 in cash plus 100 grams of cocaine.

The alleged criminals have been detained for the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, robbery with violence, illegal detention, money laundering, crime against public health and violation of the law on foreigners.

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