Spanish Civil War bombs found in Alcoy

The area around the old Rodes in foundry in Ensanche was closed off on Friday following the discovery of 83 bombs and projectiles during renovation work.

The bombs are believed to have been left over from the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) during which the Alcoy factory produced ammunition for the Republican war effort.

The National Police confirmed that they had unearthed material, consisting of artillery shells, mortar shells and hand grenades, at the former foundry.

The City Council is carrying out restoration works in the Rodes block, with the aim of transforming it into an urban technology park.

According to the information provided, the finding was made while removing plants and weeds that were growing in the disused building. The bomb squad was called in to examine the findings before taking them away to Alicante for further examination.

Alcoy, Mayor, Antonio Francés, recalled that the foundry of Rodes was a weapons factory during the Civil War, speculating that “once the war was over, they proceeded to bury the bombs that were left over.”

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