Old Alcoy foundry gets a facelift

The Rodes Hermanos Foundry in Alcoy is undergoing a real facelift as the work to turn the neglected 12,000 square meter factory into the 21st century technological and cultural park enters the final stretch.

The works include the consolidation of both the façades and the interior of the building to stop its deterioration, the recovery of a Civil War air-raid shelter and the cataloguing of all the elements found within the sealed off bunker.

It has been two months since work started on the 239,456 euro project with the restoration of the building’s facade intended to restore it to its 1909 Modernist glory.

The City Council hopes that the future technological and cultural park can host the Technological Institute of Cosmetics, a variety of technology start-up companies as well as cultural spaces such as the municipal archive, or a new library for the Santa Rosa neighbourhood.

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