Alcoy to add more Christmas Lights

The city council of Alcoy has agreed to increase the number of Christmas lights it puts up on city streets.

Last years decorative display was based on the Modernist motif of the balcony of the Casa del Pavo and placed along San Nicolás and San Lorenzo streets.

The reception the ornamental decorations earned from city residents has prompted the local government to invest 100,000 euros expanding the lighting program along the entire route of the Three Kings’ procession.

The new stretches of lights will be distributed as follows: 13 in Avenida del País Valencià, 3 on Gonzalo Barrachina Street, 22 in the Plaza de España and another 22 in the El Camí area. All of them, together with the 29 last year, this will add up to a total of 89 light displays.

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