Caixa Ontinyent launches new online banking

Yesterday, Monday, October 1st local banking, joined the 21st century, when, regional bank, Caixa Ontinyent rolled out their new online banking platform.

The aim is to offer customers the ability to do all their banking remotely with more security, evolution capacity and, ultimately, better service.

The new as the website is called can be accessed from any type of device and is adaptable to any screen size: computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Getting access to your bank account is not quite as easy as you might think as we experienced here at Alcoy Today. The very first time you access the system it requires you to jump through various security hoops.

Firstly you must enter the information you use to access your account and then you will receive two text messages that you must enter into the boxes on the screen.

Once you get past that hurdle you are required to use the code card you got when setting up the account. It is a blue plastic card with numbers running one way and letters the other. Once you manage to enter the numbers that both the diagonal letters and horizontal numbers correspond with you are good to go!

( and questions will be answered during extended hours from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday to Friday (96 291 91 91).

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