Alcoy comes alive with ART

Renowned artists are painting large murals on the sides of buildings in all Alcoy neighbourhoods.

As if it were an art gallery, the streets of Alcoy are being filled with large-scale murals. The first Exhibition of Urban Culture has arrived in the city from the hand of renowned artists who are leaving their mark on the facades of buildings located in the Partidor, El Camí, the North Zone, Batoy and the centre of the city.

Sebas Velasco arrived from Burgos last Monday to create one of the murals that will be exhibited in Calle Sant Miquel indefinitely. The artist was the first to start painting one of the back facades of an old building, next to the large “Camins d’Art” mural that still remains practically intact today in the back of the Camil Visedo Municipal Archaeological Museum.

Nuria Mora, from Madrid, is in charge of giving colour to the plots of the Partidor, while Fasim, from Barcelona, is putting together her work next to the popular Bar Sebas in Batoy.

Dulk is another of the artists who are participating in his first show. He has arrived from Ontinyent and was a student at the Escola d’Art de Alcoy, so he brings back great memories of returning to his hometown painting his mural next to the basketball courts in El Camí.

The oversized mural in Zona Norte is on a building next to the municipal swimming pool just off the Av Hispanidad adjacent to the park. This particular wall painting is the creation of Demsky, from Elche, and + Smitheone, from Mexico.

What do you think of the street art, is it a good idea or not?

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