13 people arrested in Muro de Alcoy for Drug Trafficking

The National Police have arrested a group of people responsible for trafficking cocaine, hashish and marijuana from Morocco.

According to Europa Press, agents have confiscated more than 31 kilos of cocaine, hashish and marijuana, together with 8,500 euros in cash, three vehicles and three handguns.

The drugs were found in a house in Gandia, while the gang members and weapons were detained following a raid in Muro.

Muro was the centre of the ring from where the group manipulated the drug: They transformed the hashish and marijuana through chemical treatments into hashish oil.

Those arrested are between 22 and 69 years of age and have all been charged with belonging to a criminal group. Two of them are also being investigated for illegal possession of weapons. Ten of the detainees have a police record and have been brought before the courts, while the other three, without previous convictions have been released pending trial.

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