Erotic art sparks debate in Valencia

Ancient Greece-inspired erotic sculptures are making waves in Valencia’s marina.

Local artist Antoni Miro’s steel figures are a taste of what to expect in an upcoming exhibition at the city’s cultural centre.

And while some people may consider the structures to be purely an art form others feel the sculptures should not be on public display in an area frequented by families with small children.

“The exhibition in the street of these figures that depict blow jobs, masturbation and exposed genitals… with highly explicit sexual content” could violate the law for the protection of minors, the conservative Family Forum association said in a statement.

The images confront children without any prior warning and “are inappropriate for their age”, it said.

The artist told the press he had made the sculptures in 2007 based on scenes used daily by ancient Greeks some 2,500 years ago.

It’s a “re-encounter with our roots,” he said in an emailed response to questions.

“It must be seen with normality, it’s an act of love.”

When asked if the display in the marina was appropriate he said: The sculptures belonged in front of the Mediterranean Sea looking towards Greece, the cradle of culture.”

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