Alcoy celebrates World Tourism Day

To celebrate World Tourism Day on Saturday, September 29th, the City has prepared a day of disclosure “to raise awareness” about how Alcoy can attract more tourists as highlighted by  Councillor for Tourism, Lorena Zamorano.

Under the motto Tourism and digital transformation, Alcoy has set up a program of activities to showcase what the city has to offer including free admission to all the city’s museums.

In addition to the museums, that this year are showcasing their new audio exhibits and video shows, you can go on three guided tours. The first, is the European Route of Modernism, at 11 h. from the Tourist Info office in the Plaza de España. The second is an Alcoy, cinema tour’ at 11 o’clock from the old Industrial School and the third ‘Alcoy, La Ciutat Dormida’ at the cemetery starting at 8:00 PM.

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