Expat farmer knocked unconscious by trespassers

The Guardia Civil have arrested two Spanish men for allegedly attacking an expat farmer following an argument.

The victim, a German national who resides on a secluded parcel of land near Benicarló, Castellón claims that two hunters who were trespassing on his land hit him on the head with a large rock following an argument.

The farmer claims that he complained to the men after their three dogs destroyed some of his crops.

The victim claims one of the men knocked him unconscious using a large rock before fleeing without their dogs.

The farmer needed six staples to suture his head wound.

The abandoned dogs were taken to an animal shelter where a chip scan revealed that the animals were on the national database and had been reported stolen by their owners.

After further investigation, two men aged 39 and 45, were taken into custody by the Guardia Civil and charged with assault, theft and animal abandonment.

Proceedings will now take place in the Castellón Courts.

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