Alcoy to demolish dangerous buildings

Alcoy launches a plan to bring down the ruined houses in the Algezares area of the city.  Following numerous complaints about the buildings safety, work is now being carried out to demolish them in a controlled way.

The area of Algezares is located in the lower part of the old town of Alcoy, halfway between the new Palace of Justice and the Firefighters Museum (Muboma).

The works, according to the information provided, are being carried out in a subsidiary manner, so that the costs will be borne by the owners of the affected properties.

At the same time, the city would like to try and preserve the facade of the buildings for their historical and architectural value, in the hope that when the city gains ownership of the properties they can be restored and used in a way that would benefit the city.

Currently, exploratory proposals are underway to determine how the buildings once restored could be used.

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