Spain is enjoying an Indian summer

Despite it now being officially autumn, wait a little bit longer to put away your summer clothes as most parts of Spain enjoy an Indian summer.

Temperatures topped the thermometer above 38ºC (100.4°F ) in the south-western cities of Seville, Huelva, Badajoz, Cáceres, Córdoba and Cádiz.

The whole of Spain, including the Canary Islands, saw above-average temperatures this weekend. “We are talking about over 32ºC in the whole country,” explains meteorologist Delia Gutiérrez. “They only fell under 30ºC in areas of the north near Cantabria and the Pyrenees and in mountainous areas.”

September is usually a very changeable month in Spain, where “episodes of high temperatures, similar to summer, are normal, as well as completely opposite conditions, with isolated depressions that bring with them lower temperatures and showers,” Gutiérrez explains.

Indian summers such as this one are “relatively normal,” she continues, and are due to high pressure over the peninsula, depressions to the north, long hours of sunshine, and a lack of humid air from the Atlantic.

The next few days in Alcoy we will see temperatures drop to the low 20’s (the 70’s) with intermittent rain, some of which will be heavy at times accompanied by lightning and thunder. Warm weather returns for the weekend with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 20’s (70’s).

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