Volkswagen calls time on the Beetle

The Bug has hit the windshield! Volkswagen is about to end production on the iconic VW Beetle a car that is instantly recognisable to generations of people.

The distinctive looking German automobile has been around for 80 years minus 7 years between 2003 and 2011 where it was out of favour with the bosses in Wolfsburg.

During the 1960’s and 70’s, it was just about impossible to drive around the neighbourhood and not see a Beetle parked on someone’s driveway.

“Two or three generations is enough now,” said Frank Welsch, head of technical development at Volkswagen. “[The Beetle was] made with history in mind but you can’t do it five times and have a new new new Beetle.”
Here at Alcoy Today we tend to differ and think this is just a ploy by Volkswagen to get us to forget all the fond memories we have of the noisy rear engine Bug.

Then, when we least expect it the all-new “Green” electric Beetle will roll off the assembly line at a price we can all afford, a true peoples car once again.

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