CV-70 Alcoy to Benidorm in 35-40 minutes

Alcoy residents have asked the Municipal Government to get a commitment from the Generalitat Valenciana to invest the 100 million euros to improve the CV-70.

Member of the Orange party, Jorge Sedano wants the roadworks put back on track after plans were abandoned in 2009 following the economic crisis.

If the road works were to be completed as was originally planned, it would be a major plus for Alcoy and the surrounding towns and villages.

When speaking about the project, Sedano said: “This road would allow people to drive between Alcoy and Benidorm in around 35 to 40 minutes.”

“This infrastructure project cannot fall into oblivion because it is a fundamental project for the growth of the city and the region from the point of view of tourism, economy and work.”

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