Police raid Muro de Alcoy Marijuana Farm

Holding what appeared to be a rifle the caretaker of a marijuana plantation in Muro de Alcoy used fireworks to simulate gunshots in the hope of evading the police.

After being tipped off about the location of an illegal marijuana farm in Muro de Alcoy, the National Police raided the plantation and were met with a woman brandishing what they thought was a firearm.

After realizing that the load bangs were indeed firecrackers and not gunshots the Police forced their way into the house.

Once inside they discovered 57 kilos and a half of marijuana plants, two kilos and a half of the drug perfectly packaged and ready for sale and more than 9 kilos of chopped leaves. In addition, they also found instruments used for the preparation of hashish, several high-precision scales, and two air-rifles next to the large firecrackers that were used to simulate the shots.

The caretaker of the farm has been placed under arrest, accused of a crime against public health.

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