The best Apple Watch 4 alternative: The Amazfit Bip for $80

It looks almost like an Apple Watch. It runs for weeks on a single charge. It’s a fraction of the price. What’s there not to like?

As you may have heard, Apple is just about to take the wraps off its new Apple Watch 4 and the price is believed to start at $399.

While the Apple offering may be hot when it comes to looking cool you can save a bundle of cash by buying the Amazfit Bip on Amazon for $320 less.

The Bip looks very much like the Apple watch except for the screen and unlike the Apple, you do not have to move your wrist to turn it on.

The Bip does everything we have come to expect from a smart-watch including telephone notifications, alarms, text messages and caller ID. The Bip also monitors your heart rate and comes complete with GPS to track your runs.

The big difference between the Apple and the Bip, besides the price, is that the Bip can run for weeks on a single charge.

On the downside, it comes with a digital face, which can only display time using a 24-hour time format.

The watch might not be made by Apple, but it does a lot of things well, and the price is unbelievably good.

Have a look at CNET’s review of the Bip and see what you think!


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