Spain’s first 3D knee implant takes place in Marbella

Spain saw its first 3D knee implant performed yesterday at a hospital in Marbella by Orthopaedic Surgeon Ignatius Chatziandreou. The 3D printed knee is exactly the same as exactly the same as the knee it will replace allowing the patient to regain the mobility they once had.

Traumatology specialist Ignatius Chatziandreou will perform the operation using a technique first used in the USA 12 years ago and six years ago in the Europe Union, with implants produced by ConforMIS, a multinational company specialising in medical technology.

The individual design of the implant means the prosthesis “adjusts precisely to the exact anatomy of the patient and therefore prevents many problems regarding discomfort, pain or unnatural movements,” say sources at the Marbella hospital. In fact, these new prostheses have the advantage of “adapting better to the structure of the knee”.

Patients with severe osteoarthritis are prime candidates for this type of surgery along with people who are allergic to cobalt, chrome or steel.

During the procedure, a general anaesthetic or epidural is administered, depending on each case, and takes approximately one hour. The patient only needs to spend a few days in the hospital and may even be able to walk on the new knee from the first day.

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