Ibi woman kidnapped and robbed of 30€

The Civil Guard has arrested a 42-year-old Spanish man in Benidorm following the kidnapping and robbery of a 60-year-old woman in Ibi last Sunday.

The events took place around 08:00 am on Sunday morning when the victim was going to mass. She was on her way to church when she observed a man looking at her from inside a car. Almost immediately the man got out of the car and grabbed the woman while forcibly pushing her into the car.

The attacker then proceeded to drive several kilometres before he stopped the vehicle and demanded the woman hand over her money. All she had on her was 30 euros that she handed to her assailant.

During the abduction, the victim screamed, attracting the attention of bystanders who managed to write down the licence plate number of the robber’s car.

The shaken but unharmed victim was released after having handed over her money some 10 kilometres from Ibi near a bar. The owners of the business immediately contacted the Civil Guard who were able to track down and arrest the attacker in Benidorm.

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