Benidorm aims to charm British tourists

Following all the negative press Benidorm received over the summer the city council is launching a new campaign aimed at charming British holidaymakers.

Called “Enjoy Benidorm with the Spanish people,” the campaign has been created to woo back British tourists turned off by the negative news about the resort in this summer’s press.

First, we had British football fans out of control on the streets following England’s World Cup matches and then there was the incident of a British tourist getting his name tattooed on the head of a homeless Polish man.

If that wasn’t bad enough, 81-year-old Blackburn resident Freda Jackson complained to Thomas Cook that there were “too many Spanish “guests in her hotel and that it spoiled her holiday.

Benidorm relies on the UK for 50% of its tourist income and is worried that all the unflattering news will have a knock on effect with British tourists looking for bargain holidays in Turkey rather than on the Costa Blanca.

Speaking about why Benidorm must maintain its position as a popular destination for Brits regional Secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, said: “Each Valencian must serve as an ambassador of their land, with a dual function: to retain the client and assume that tourism is an essential part of the regional economy”.

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