Death threat after doctor refuses to prescribe drugs

After refusing to prescribe tranquilisers a health centre doctor in Velez-Malaga was subjected to insults and death threats.

The incident is becoming a more common occurrence according to the Medical Union of Malaga (SMM).

SMM spokesperson Juan Carmona told Spanish national paper El Mundo: “The patient introduced himself and demanded that the doctor, who is also the director of the centre, with more than 20 years of experience behind him, prescribe a series of medicines, these being narcotics and anxiolytics”.

The unhappy patient was trying to take advantage of the fact that his normal family doctor was on holiday. The stand-in doctor’s refusal to write the prescription led to the patient banging on his desk and issuing death threats.

The national police were called to the health centre but arrived after the aggressor had left the building. The angry patient will not, however, be allowed to get away with his bad behaviour and has been summoned to appear before a judge.

Last April a woman was sentenced to four months in jail after having kicked a nurse in the chest.

According to the latest figures Andalusia now sees three attacks on medical staff per day; a figure Carmona says is not truly reflective of the situation as many incidents often go unreported.

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