Spain could soon be in the same time zone as the UK

Spain’s foreign affairs minister Josep Borrell is not ruling out time zone changes following a European Commission proposal that would bring an end to the twice-yearly changing of the clocks.

“Perhaps Spain should be in another time zone,” Borrell told reporters on Friday after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Vienna. “Frankly, I don’t know. Let’s give the European Parliament an opportunity to see if it is able to find a common denominator between countries that are in such different geographical situations.”

Spain used to be using the same Greenwich Mean Time [GMT+0] as London but was scrapped by Franco in 1940 as a goodwill gesture to Nazi Germany.

Geographically Spain should be at the same time as the United Kingdom and Portugal rather than Serbia and Poland.

The current situation means that Spain has fewer hours of light in the morning, and more in the evening.

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