Buses will no longer use the Batoy tunnels

Anyone who is familiar with the “Via Verde”, Alcoy’s 10 kilometre stretch of hiking and biking trail will be aware of the danger involved when passing through the Batoy tunnels.

Residents and users of the city’s popular greenway have long partitioned city hall to stop allowing buses and vehicles to use the narrow underground conduits below the old railway line.

The tunnels are part of an old railway line project started before the Civil War that never got finished and was eventually paved for cyclists and walkers to use as a way to get out of the city and enjoy the countryside.

After having listened to residents’ complaints, the city of Alcoy has carried out work to reform of the lower part of Montgó Street so that it is accessible to buses.

When speaking about the reforms Councilman Jordi Martínez said: “Apart from the fact that we now been able to route the buses away from the tunnels, we have also extended the bus service to the lower part of Batoy, which it never before”.

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