Spain confronts Ryanair over carry-on charges

Following Ryanair’s decision to start charging passengers for their carry-on luggage, Spain’s consumer protection agency (Facua ) has filed a complaint calling the proposed charge “seriously harmful to consumers”.

Ryanair’s new carry-on policy was announced on August 23rd forewarning passengers that staring in November anyone with carry-on luggage will be subject to an additional charge of between 8€ and 10€.

The consumer action group filed their complaint with the Spanish State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) claiming the new tariff breaks the basic conditions of the air transport contract.

Spain’s Air Navigation Law, states that all airlines are obliged to transport for free in the cabin the hand luggage, objects and packages that the traveller carries with them. The only exception to this rule is items that can’t be carried for safety reasons relating to size and weight.

“It’s a strategy by Ryanair to try to make up for the expenses they incurred through passenger compensation claims following all their recent flight cancellations,” Facua wrote.

Ryanair has reacted to the Spanish complaint by saying:  “these claims are clearly false. No airline allows all passengers to bring all their bags on the aircraft.”

News of Ryanair’s new policy has been met with disdain across Europe with reports suggesting that it could end up in the courts.

Starting November only priority customers will be allowed to bring carry-on luggage aboard Ryanair flights while all other passengers will be limited to one small bag providing it can fit under the seat.

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