Thousands of Brits fleeing Spain over Brexit worries

Amid fears about what might happen after Brexit and worries over poor exchange rates, thousands of British expatriates are heading back to the UK.

With fear growing over a hard Brexit and what the future relationship will be like between the UK and the European Union regarding healthcare, many Brits are packing up and heading home.

Before the financial crash of 2008, British citizens were flocking to Spain in droves in the hope of living out a healthy retirement in the Spanish sun.

When speaking to a British newspaper, a former resident of Mallorca said that ‘several people have left because of the fall in the pound’, adding there may also be concerns ‘that the final Brexit regulations could impact badly on their lives’.

Meanwhile, Benidorm has had its worst summer season in 10 years as British holidaymakers shun Spain and the euro in favour of Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt.

Yesterday, the British Pound fell to its lowest rate against the euro in nearly a year. The drop in value was put down to Prime Minister Theresa May saying that a failure to reach an agreement with the EU on trade relations ‘wouldn’t be the end of the world’.

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