La Tomatina-the world’s largest food fight

The Spanish love a Fiesta with one of the strangest anywhere taking place Wednesday, August 29th in the Valencian village of Buñol.

Known as La Tomatina, the festival can trace its roots back to 1945 when a group of youths working on vegetable stalls in the village square started throwing tomatoes at one another.

Eventually, the fight was broken up by the police but has continued every year since after rules were established to ensure that no one got hurt.

Today the event attracts over 20,000 visitors to the town who will throw an estimated 150,000 tomatoes at each other.

The fruit-flinging event starts mid-morning when tomato-laden trucks drive into the village full of ammunition. The fight lasts for exactly one hour before the fire brigade arrives to wash down the streets.

This is also the opportunity for revellers to cool off and get all the waste tomatoes washed off of their clothes.

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