People caught inhaling laughing gas face fines up to 1,500€

The Spanish holiday island of Ibiza is planning to introduce fines for anyone caught inhaling laughing gas in public.
Nitrous oxide canisters are widely available in the beach resort of San Antonio and can lead to serious consequences including death.

In order to cut down the number of tourists purchasing the gas, the island plans to introduce fines of up to 1,500€ ($1,743) that will be imposed on anyone caught inhaling nitrous oxide in public.
A San Antonio town hall spokesperson said: “Councillors will propose a modification to an existing by-law which will ban the consumption of nitrous oxide in public.

“Under the current rules, local police can only act against those people they catch selling the substance in the street.
“Consumers cannot be punished because laughing gas is not considered to be an illegal substance or catalogued as a drug.”

British holidaymakers are believed to be the main buyers for the gas which is banned for human consumption in the UK.

While nitrous oxide can be beneficial in dentistry and surgery for its pain reducing and anaesthetic effects the use of it as a recreational drug raises concerns on a number of levels.

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