Cocentaina Filà celebrates 150 years

The Filà Cavalleria Ministerial of Cocentaina has just celebrated having paraded in the towns Moors & Christians celebrations for the past 150 years.

Dressed in costumes inspired by the Cavalry of the Algarve Regiment barracked in Cocentaina that fought in the War of Succession from 1734 to 1740.

The Filà paid homage to the town’s patron San Hipólito with music flags and festive displays.

The Moors and Christians are celebrated throughout the Valencian Community to commemorate the battles between the Moors (i.e. Muslims) and Christians during the period known as Reconquista when Christian armies defeated the moors to end over 700 years of Arab rule. The parades held in Cocentaina each August celebrate a famous battle in 1276 when armies led by King James I of Aragon defeated Moorish chieftain Al-Azraq.

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