Vandals set fire refuse containers

After having just replaced all the garbage containers in the city for new heavy-duty plastic bins that come complete with a dampening system, the City Council of Alcoy is furious after vandals set fire to the new bins.

Councillor for Security, Raul Llopis,  expressed his outrage over the fires saying: “We will catch them!!” following two new cases of arson in the Plaza Emilio Sala and on the Avinguda del País Valencià.

The City Council has shown that it is fed up with these cases of vandalism and with regard to containers located near the post office. The fire could have affected the parked vehicles, although there were no cars in that area during the early hours of the morning.

Local police are currently investigating the fires and will be studying CCTV camera footage from nearby banks. Citizens are being asked to come forward if they have any information that may help the police to apprehend the person or persons responsible for starting the fires.

Alcoy operates a very efficient waste removal programme with every refuse container in the city collected on a daily basis to ensure proper hygiene and the well-being of the community.








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