Seasonal products are better for your health

Currently, with technical advances, we have a wide range of food, especially fruits and vegetables that are available off-season, products that are grown despite going against the cycle of nature.

Seasonal foods, fruits, vegetables, are fresh, with more flavour, texture and aroma and at the same time retain their original nutritional properties better. In these products, their cultivation has not been forced with fertilizers, pesticides or chemical products.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables offered by organic farmers respect the natural cycles of plants, planting, growth and harvesting, encouraging crop rotation and thus enriching the soil. In addition, they will be mostly local production, without having to come from faraway places, which also helps to lessen the logistics process of transport, storage and distribution. With this ecological approach to farming, we eat like our ancestors taking food from the garden to the kitchen table.

Lurdes Barea and Jordi Mira of the Ecological Farm advise people to opt for salads in the summer based on different types of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, tender onions … all organic products, fresh, healthy and easy to make, which in addition to being refreshing also help to hydrate your body during the hot summer days.

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