British schools

According to the British Council, Spanish will soon overtake French and become the most commonly-taught language in British schools by 2025.

This year the number of British students taking Spanish language exams has risen by 8% to 92,000, while students sitting French language exams dropped 1% to 120,000.

The reason for the increase in people studying Spanish is thought to be because Spain remains a popular holiday destination for British tourists and younger people like it because it can also be used in Central and South America.

Some experts even claim that the popularity of Latin American music has had an influence, with songs like Luis Fonsi’s Despacito being the most watched video on YouTube ever.

Chief executive of the AQA exam board, Andrew Hall predicts that Spanish will soon become the default language taught in British schools.

School advisor to the British Council, Vicky Gough said: ‘The opportunity to learn a language should be open to everyone, regardless of what kind of school they attend.

‘Learning a foreign language can open doors, not only by helping us understand other cultures but also providing vital skills much sought after by employers.’

Have a look at this funny video below and see what it is like when you do not speak the language.


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