The Moors and Christians of Alcoy to be declared a Cultural Heritage Event

The General Directorate of Culture and Heritage has decided that the Moors and Christians Fiesta is to be declared a Cultural Interest (BIC).

Among the reasons why, is that the Moors & Christians Fiesta features a historic recreation of the struggle between James I and Al-Azraq in the 13th century.

Other reasons for this recognition are justified by the antiquity and the scenic value of the clothing, together with the incorporation of music and the fact it keeps old trades alive.

Mayor of Alcoy, Antonio Francés, said:”This recognition will allow us to protect institutions that have become one of the most valuable cultural expressions in the whole of the Valencian Community.” “Alcoy will now become one of the few Valencian cities to have its two main festivities, the Cavalcade of Kings and the celebrations of Moors and Christians.”

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