Why I don’t have a mobile phone

Everywhere you go these days you are surrounded by people looking at their mobile phones.

Whether it is sending a text or just surfing the web people have given over their lives to technology and have become slaves to their phones.

Even in Spain, where they have a reputation for not being in a hurry to do things you see people of all ages looking at or talking to someone on their phones.

While I agree that mobile phones and smartphones, in particular, are wonderful things when you need them in an emergency they also cause stress and are responsible for countless accidents distracting their owners from the job at hand.

Driving a car, operating machinery, or being sidetracked on a building site is just a few examples of how your mobile phone can get you killed.

For me, a mobile phone was a way for me to contact people when I needed to talk to them about something and not an opportunity for someone to call me up and bother me with trivial nonsense sticking by the theory that if it was really important they can call me on my land line.

In fact, I am surprised by the number of people who have asked me how I manage without a mobile phone with it seeming to annoy them that I did not have one.

I lead a laid-back life in Spain enjoying all the wonderful things that the country has to offer. I like to go for walks and read books something not too many people have the time for these days and am richer for it after having decided to get rid of my mobile phone.

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