When it rains in Spain

If you made arrangements to do something that involved a Spaniard all bets are off if it starts to rain as the chances are they will cancel in order to avoid getting wet.

You see, unlike in Northern Europe, where people live their lives with rain as a near daily occurrence here in Southern Spain, it may only rain for a few weeks in the year.

While it is, of course, possible to rain at any time the prime time for rain on the Costa Blanca is late fall and early spring when cold fronts move in and deposit a year’s worth of rain in just a few short weeks.

During the rainy times of the year, a Spaniard will do just about everything possible in order to not to leave the house but should it become unavoidable you can be sure they have all the right gear.

Umbrellas are of course a must and with them not being used all that often can prove dangerous with elderly señoras wielding them at a height that could easily make you blind.

Others who have the misfortune of leaving the house unprepared will hug the sides of buildings in order to take advantage of the balconies above until they reach their destination.

The bottom line is to not expect to get anything done if it is raining and instead be like a Spaniard and stay warm and cosy at home until the sun comes out.

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