Spain announces new low-cost high-speed train

If you have ever had the opportunity to travel by train while visiting Spain you know what a fantastic experience it is.

Back in 1992, Spain decided to invest heavily in its infrastructure building the longest high-speed rail network in Europe with 3,240 km (2,010 mi) of track.

This network means you can now travel from city centre to city centre faster and with less hassle than it takes to fly, with trains crossing Spain’s vast countryside at speeds of up to 310 km/h (193 mph).

While tourists visiting Spain can get fantastic discounts on rail travel by purchasing rail passes oversees, Spaniards have had to pay a premium price for the service.

The government has recognised the need for a cheaper alternative with the minister for public works Íñigo de la Serna announcing a new low-cost fare between Madrid and Barcelona.

Initially, five trains per day will operate between the capital and Barcelona with the fare expected to be 25% cheaper than the current 98€.

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