Lunchtime in Spain

When you first move to Spain it can prove a little difficult to adapt as some of the locals habits seem alien to Northern Europeans or North Americans. A big one for me was learning to eat my main meal of the day around 2 pm rather than the traditional midday that I was used to.

Walking into a restaurant at noontime only to find that they were not yet ready to serve lunch soon gets you out of the habit though and at last, you succumb to the fact that you are in a foreign country and that it is up to you to adapt to their way of life.

Perhaps in Madrid or Barcelona, things are a little different but where I live everyone goes home for lunch with the family gathering around the dinner table to enjoy grandmas cooking.

You see unlike the rest of us the family’s here rely on each other to pick the children up from school and if both parents are working it is up to the grandmothers to prepare lunch.

It probably took a couple of years but my wife and I now regularly eat our main meal at 2 pm followed by a siesta which is, of course, a story for another day.

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