Spain beats the USA and UK with the world’s 3rd most respected passport

According to a new index that ranks which nationalities must apply for visas or need to obtain a visa on arrival a Spanish passport is the third most respected passport in the world.

Residency advisory firm Henley & Partners each year produce a passport index using data collected by the Air Transport Association to access which counties passports claim the most respect while travelling overseas.

The latest edition of the index places Spain in third place beating out heavyweights the United States and the United Kingdom when it comes to visa-free travel with Spaniards able to visit 187 counties without the need to obtain permission.

In first place was Japan with 189 countries, Germany with 188, Spain with 187 and both the US and UK joint 4th with 186.

spainSchengen Zone countries have traditionally topped the list by providing open access to large parts of Europe, but Asian countries are catching up due to strengthened international trade and diplomatic relations.

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